We are a "boutique" consulting company, which offers differentiated solutions for Strategic Management of People. We offer our customers a careful diagnosis of the environment, with customized solutions aligned to the goals and strategies that are focused on human competences applied to achieve personal and organizational results. It was under the slogan - "Valuing Competences. Enabling Success” - and the belief that investing in people brings results to the organization that Quinto Fator – Gestão Estratégica de Pessoas (Strategic Management of People) was created in 2005. This belief is finding an echo in the companies with strategic vision and that are open to change.


Development Programs

Change Management

Change is situational: a new job, a new boss, a new role in the team, a new policy etc. Transition is the psychological process by which one must go through to cope with the new situation. Change is external, transition is internal. Unless transition occurs, change will not work: people will not adopt the new behavior required to perform the planned change.

There is no doubt that people have a natural resistance to change, and this can manifest itself in several ways.

We can consider the strikes, reduced productivity and increased turnover as explicit forms of resistance to change. However, the loss of work motivation, low commitment, the "mental mistakes", indiscipline, internal conflicts, the climate of tense work, lateness, increased absenteeism, requests for transfers, among others, may be the result of implicit resistance.

In general, people do not simply refuse to change, but resist to how these changes occur or are conducted. It is a demanding time, mentally and emotionally, but that should and can be seen as a great opportunity for learning and growth. The chaos of the transition between the "old" and "new" can be a very creative period, when it is well-directed and understood.

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The Personal and Professional Coaching is a development program and its use has grown tremendously in recent years. It is changing the way people can seek or receive structured support to set the desired state for their personal or professional life and thus achieve the necessary transitions to reach it.

Coaching is a process conducted by a professional, the coach, equipped with a robust "toolbox" in order to identify the current state of the client (coachee) and walk with him to the desired state.

During the process, the Coach will monitor the action plan established by the Coachee and will be the facilitator to circumvent the obstacles and seek ever greater challenges, aiming to help him/her get closer to the established goal and to the behavioral competences to be developed.

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PHDI - Interactive Skills Development Programs

The Interactive Skills Development Program (PDHI) is a combination of theoretical information and experiential exercises, through which the participant is led to think, reason, reflect and express feelings related to each theme. This awareness, plus the desire to grow as a person and professional, will enable a permanent change in the usual way of thinking and acting.

The Interactive Skills Development Program consists of topics with the focus to develop skills and attitudes related to communication and how we interact, aiming to create more effective and healthy models in relations, especially in the workplace.

The methodology is participatory and experiential. Self-analysis questionnaires, group dynamics, case studies, films and role-plays are used, aiming at the application of the course content to the organizational reality.

All contents, as well as the suggested workload, are customized in agreement with the customer.

The customer can choose contents from different courses in order to create programs that meet their needs.

Leadership Skills

Assertive Communication

Assertiveness is defined as self-expression through which a person expresses what he/she feels and thinks, defending his/her basic human rights without disregarding the basic human rights of others.

In human communication, both non-assertive and aggressive behavior rarely help people to get what they want or to let others know how they feel and need.

A person who is not assertive or who is passive often does not manifest him/herself.

The aggressive person ends up losing business, customers and friends, for their communication generates resentment and hostility.

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Effective Communication - Assertiveness, Negotiation and Influence

This program encourages the development of communication skills and increases the ability to influence, aiming to empower people to achieve excellence in their professional relations. Also, through self-knowledge (2 Profile and Motivators Assessment tools used for each participant), generates reflection about the styles and personal motivations, characteristics of each profile that help us to better adapt and to establish and maintain harmonious links and productive relationships in the workplace.

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Team Work

Effective managers expect their teams will become a "high performing team" working on the basis of assumptions: open and transparent communication among its members, ability to negotiate and deal with the most difficult, subtle and conflict generator issues, proactivity and commitment of the team members with the growth and personal success of each one, as well as for the achievement of common goals.

This program, quite experiential, aims to stimulate the process of self-knowledge and mutual knowledge, to develop the authenticity of relationships, to provide a sense of team quality, to promote personal and professional development, increasing the degree of empathy among participants. It also aims to draw attention to attitudes and behaviors that facilitators, when inked, give sync to the work done by the group of people.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts are inevitable and can occur in any company. However, managers need to be alert to notice them and decide which are the main steps to take in order to deal with this reality and to use it as a constructive force.

Some professionals consider the conflict something negative, as a result of the action and behavior of undesirable people, associated with aggressiveness, physical and verbal confrontation and negative feelings, harmful to the good relationship between people and consequently the proper functioning of companies.

In a positive view, the conflict may generate new ideas and lead to open discussions on certain subjects, which is positive because it allows the expression and exploration of different views, interests and values. Repressed conflicts can take, in most cases, a destructive character.

Conflict management consists of choosing and implementing the most appropriate strategies to deal with each situation.

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Instructors Training or Successful Presentations

This program aims to help participants become more effective and self-confident instructors or lecturers, which will be achieved by giving each participant the opportunity to practice, during the course, their oral presentation skills and non-verbal expression, with the guidance from the trainer and the co-participants.

Through videotaped experiences, everyone will be able to identify their strengths and enhance them, as well as to recognize their weaknesses and minimize them, before a comprehensive and attentive audience. Role-plays and simulations will provide the practice of new behaviors in the classroom, without the risks that reality could impose. In addition, it causes to "vicarious learning", by observing the consequences of the successes and mistakes of fellow-instructors.

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Excellence in Service to Internal and External Customers

This course aims to develop the human side of service, focusing on empowering people to achieve excellence.

Companies that care about the service invest time and resources to train its employees to offer not only quality but also personalized service. To offer a good customer service is no longer a differentiator, it is an obligation that can make a difference to ensure the survival of the company.

Through instruments that encourage self-knowledge and knowledge of different customer styles, we developed in participants the skills needed to establish more empathy and maintain productive and harmonious relationships with internal and external customers.

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Personal Marketing – Valuing your Brand

It works the key elements in building a professional brand.

It allows the recognition and the construction of striking features, leveraging talent, branding, style and personal communication. It arouses interest in personal and professional development, the pursuit of self-confidence, self-motivation and development of positive attitudes and behaviors that take into account the rules of social behavior.

In addition, it stimulates increased self-confidence and self-esteem, which will allow a performance with more resourcefulness and influence.

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The Human Side of Change

People do not refuse to change; we resist to the way change occurs or is conducted.

In the business environment change processes are difficult to implement when little attention to the emotional aspects of those involved is given.

Although there are great differences in how we react to changes, in general it is true that we prefer to stay in the comfort zone that what is known provides.

The new, the uncertain and the unknown cause anxiety because, for sure, they will oblige us to review ways of thinking, feeling and acting. This creates discomfort and we dislike that. The question always remains: How will I manage these new challenges? Will I cope with that?

In this course we introduce some concepts developed by Bridges, who studied the management of transitions, whether in business, professional or personal levels.

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Living Values in Organizations

This program, based on theory and experiences, aims to raise awareness about the individual, the team and the organization values, creating a dialog work environment and the understanding of each other, based on the experience of these values and positive and educational models. It encourages the recognition of acceding values, the understanding of the context and the discipline based on values.

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Leadership Styles and People Management

The Leadership Pipeline and its challenges, from Individual leadership (self-management) to People management and business management. Focused on leadership of 1st and 2nd levels of the pipeline.

This training is an experiential diving on core Leadership competences and can be customized to the reality, challenges and main demands from the customer and/or group, at the time.

From the point of view of People Management, the main issues are: high performance teams, how to handle different styles, inspiring and motivating, effective delegation, coaching and Assertive feedbacks as a tool for team development and training successors.

Strategic Decision Making

This training focuses on leaderships, especially those in a position of managing managers, functional managers and business managers from the leadership pipeline.

The Leadership Pipeline X Strategy and Roles and Responsibilities in Decision Making. Contextualization and models of decision-making process. How each profile takes decisions. Personal Leadership habits (Stephen Covey) and Decision Making. Influence, how to have it and how to use it - the power of influence in organizational relationships. Technical and structural issues as design and choice of alternative solutions, implementation planning and monitoring, project management and processes, etc.

To close the process, it is expected to run a Serious Game - "Market Conquest" (as experience with customized "cases").

Proactivity and Time Management

This training focuses on professionals and leaders to the first level of managers (supervisors) of the leadership pipeline.

This training is especially based on 2 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and the Triad of Time by Christian Barbosa.

Proactivity as leverage for a change of posture and attitude in face of everyday problems and challenges.  Differences in a proactive X reactive performance and its impact on life and career.

The success (whatever that means for each) begins with a goal in mind. Clarity of goals is the key to developing the ability to prioritize and focus - keys to increase effectiveness.

The use of time management techniques, getting hold of one’s own time management.

Self- Knowledge - (Resilience, Adaptation Capability and Career Self-Management)

Experiential and dynamic workshop, focused on senior categories to the 1st level of Leadership (Supervisors or Coordinators).

Through a Behavioral and Motivators Profile Assessment, this program generates self-discovery, aiming to raise awareness of the strengths and opportunities for improvement (possible excesses) of each style or profile, as well as to the leadership style and interactions with other profiles in all spheres.

Enables full use of the profile qualities and, at the same time, generates attention and care to the less present skills in each style.

Favors a better environment reading and ability to adapt to the demands.

Works personal performance styles and Emotional Intelligence, observing the trends of each style and developing resilience in the face of adversity.

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching is a program primarily focused on the development of behavioral leadership competences.

The competences of an effective leader can be learned and developed. The resources to support this process are materialized in the development opportunity offered by companies in a motivating and challenging environment.

This program is usually contracted by companies in order to offer their leaders a tool for the rapid expansion of their potential through the full use and development and/or adaptation of their relevant behavioral competences, focused on strategic corporate goals and objectives. In this context, it can apply to the various leadership levels - directors, managers, top-level managers and team leaders - focusing on talent development.

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Career Coaching

Usually contracted by the professional, it is a program focusing on career revision or boost. It is usually associated with seeking answers to some questions that are on people's minds at different times in their careers, such as:

  1. When is it time to MOVE UP on my job, career or organization?
  2. When is it time to ADAPT my style to ensure greater success?
  3. When is it time to MOVE OUT , to leave or change profession or activity, kind of work, boss or organization, because I feel as if “I don´t fit in” anymore?
  4. What do I need to learn, change and do to reach my goals? How to do that?

The Career Coaching is a program focused on the development of behavioral competences in order to help individuals improve their performance and reach more fully their potential in order to achieve their personal and career goals.

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a program intended to individuals and its main goal is the full personal development, the empowerment of the individuals to their self-fulfillment by aligning their goals to a life consistent with their values, mission and purpose. It is ideal to those who aim to broaden their horizons, or who are seeking to give a new direction to their lives, both on a personal and on a professional level (or equate both) discovering thus their potential and opportunities for improvement.


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Team Coaching

The Team Coaching Program consists of using the methodology and coaching tools to help teams develop competences of high performance teams, leveraging their productivity and performance and results delivery capability.

In this process , the Coach will offer structured support during the period set for the program (3-4 months) for teams to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement, common to most of the group, and to find effective solutions to their problems and challenges through the use of their own resources.

For the Coach to provide effective support, the program starts with a data collection process through interviews or surveys, to increase their knowledge of the company’s strategic environment, culture and moment, as well as the power structure and level of development of teams, among other elements.



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Group Coaching

(under development)


Mentoring is a program where an experienced professional guides and share experiences and knowledge with professionals in development, to give them guidance and advice for the development of their careers. These guidelines range from the personal level to the professional level.

The Mentor is someone with knowledge and experience in the Mentee’s area and, in the case of Mentoring leaders, is also someone who has already successfully experienced the Pipeline passage of now experienced by the Mentee. The goal is for the Mentor to transfer to the Mentee tacit knowledge acquired through his/her professional experiences in a broader and less structured way than during the coaching process.

Both Mentoring and Coaching mainly relate themselves with the achievements in the present and in the future, that is, the common goal is to get out of the current state and to reach the desired one. Quinto Fator takes a pragmatic approach to these processes, seeking to establish goals and objectives and setting deadlines for each step.

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AC&D Potential Assessment - (Competence Alignment & Development)

An Assessment that adds value is much more than pointing strengths and weaknesses. It offers clarity of expectations and broadens perspectives of a professional.

We have extensive experience and certifications in several renowned instruments, as well as a unique and differentiated approach, using proper techniques for performing profile and competence mappings with the required seriousness and responsibility of such process.

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Young Talents - Profile and Culture Adherence

It is known that the professionals are the most important differential part of a company, the ones who will ensure the success and longevity of the business. The adherence of new members to a particular environment and culture, as well as the demands and the way of being and doing happens more because of behavioral aspects than expertise or academic training, especially in early stages of the career.

Therefore, understanding how strategic the proper adhesive talent selection is, we become HR partners, offering tools (profile design and personal motivations, associated with intelligent group dynamics) to facilitate and qualify this phase of the existing selection process, regarding aspects of behavioral adherence and profile trends, aligned to company´s desired profile. 

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“I am pleased to count on Quinto Fator in various projects, especially on Assessment and Coaching programs. I can say that Quinto Fator is a great partner in the journey of developing people! Always present for an impeccable and valuable contribution.”

HR Director - Biolab

"We have been working with Quinto Fator in our Leadership Development projects for three years. The difference of the work offered lies at the level of expertise and assertiveness of the consultants who are not only technically skilled but also have solid experience in the corporate world, allowing them to bring discussions and effective solutions. As a Human Resources manager I feel very comfortable with all the projects that are carried out by Quinto Fator, because I know that the delivery will be of high quality."

HR Director Brazil - Tupperware

“The program (AC&D Assessment) enables self-assessment and team evaluation on a sustainable basis and easily understood by those involved. It favors the feedback, allows drawing a personal and professional development plan adjusting the profile to the desired needs and skills. In addition, it also awakens the interest in self-development.”

New Business Manager - Goodyear

“Feeling comfortable during the activities, together with our coordinators, was very important so that we could show who we really are. The points, both positive and of improvement, were based with practical examples, giving credibility to the activities. The program was very well-prepared and it is notorious the consultants’ preparation and dedication, in addition to various dynamics and tools that have worked for our evaluation.”

Senior Technical Sales Consultant - Novartis

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